Diagnostic Radiology

Precision Imaging Centers Diagnostic Radiology

Precision Imaging Centers provides the highest quality diagnostic medical imaging available anywhere in the United States. When your physician suggests the need for medical imaging, tell him that you want the best make your appointment with Precision Imaging Centers.

Choose one of our three convenient locations in Jacksonville at Gate Parkway or Beach Boulevard or in St. Augustine. Our qualified staff will take good care of you and provide your doctor with the best imaging diagnosis.

We always deliver quality healthcare solutions at a reasonable cost. Frequently, our price for diagnostic imaging is up to 90% less than hospital pricing for comparable examinations.

Digital Mammography

Early Morning,
Evening and Weekend

In today's fast-paced world, we know how valuable time is for you and your family. We offer you the convenience of early morning appointments (open weekdays at 7am), evening appointments (closed weekdays at 11pm) and weekend appointments (open Saturdays 8am to 5pm). We provide some day results with secure online medical records retrieval for you and your physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can use the "Make An Appointment Today" feature to schedule an appointment or stop by one of our three Precision Imaging Centers.

7860 Gate Parkway
Suite 123
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
1000 Plantation Island Dr.
Suite 1
St. Augustine, FL 32080
14444 Beach Blvd
Suite 23
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Precision Imaging Centers guarantees:

  • The most accurate diagnostic medical imaging and the earliest detection of disease when it is the easiest for your physician to treat.
  • Imaging exams that are fully supervised by our onsite physicians.
  • Expert interpretations by board-certified staff radiologists and academic radiology sub-specialists.
  • To work in conjunction with your personal physician to implement your custom-tailored preventative screening program.
  • 4-hour imaging report turnaround (in most cases).
  • Instant online access to your imaging studies for your physician or treatment facility anywhere in the world