About 3D Mammograms

3D mammography is a revolutionary screening breast imaging tool to improve the early detection of breast cancer. This process is similar to how a computed tomography (CT) or CAT scanner produces images of structures inside of the body. 3D mammography uses very low dose x-rays.

What is the Cost?

Medicare and certain commercial insurances provide coverage for 3D screening for women over 40 years old and may cover woman at high risk at an earlier age. For other insurances that do not cover this exam, a 2D mammogram is usually covered and a 3D may also be requested for an additional $50 charge.

Why Mobile?

Many women lack access to 3D mammograms due to location, a busy schedule or availability of this technology.

  • Precision Imaging’s Mobile Women’s Suite increases access
  • The exam is completed in 10-15 minutes
  • Professional staff and a comfortable Mobile Suite ensures personal comfort, safety and privacy