Digital 4-D ultrasound creates images of soft tissue and internal organs by reflecting sound waves off the internal anatomic structures. In turn, our radiologists have more information of a better quality to use for an effective diagnosis. Precision Imaging Centers installed the latest technologies for digital ultrasound imaging to support the diagnosis process for physicians in several specialties including Obstetrics, Internal Medicines, Oncology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Urology and Cardiology.

Some of the advantages of multi-dimensional imaging include:

  • Less time needed for your radiologist and technicians to interpret images
  • Shorter wait times for patients with more immediate results
  • More accurate diagnosis with all planes creating a visible virtual-patient
  • Faster examination and assessment from imaging to results
  • Quality reproductions with multiple views from accessible offline digital data
  • Exact volume measurements for soft tissue and internal organs
  • Computer storage and transmission of digital images
  • Better communication between radiologists, physicians and medical sub-specialists

Medical images produced using ultrasound can be used to diagnose a broad range of medical problems caused by birth defect, disease, illness or injury. Our digital 4-D ultrasound imaging provides your doctor with a more detailed image of any requested area in real time. That way, your physician can detect problems more quickly and treat your medical issues early before any disorder becomes more serious. Ultrasound imaging isn’t just for prenatal obstetrics anymore. Use our website’s convenient contact form to obtain additional information about Precision Imaging Centers’s digital 4-D ultrasound imaging or call 904-996-8100 to have all of your questions answered.