Digital x-rays are a filmless form of radiography where images are captured using digital sensors instead of photographic film. This allows our radiologists at Precision Imaging Centers to preview images immediately and apply any special processing techniques to enhance the image produced by the digital x-ray. Our installation of state-of-the-art digital radiography reduces the amount of radiation used to produce quality images and saves processing time.

Other advantages of digital radiography over traditional x-ray include:

  • X-ray technician can immediately determine if the image is appropriate
  • Images can be enhanced for diagnosis or transferred for medical review
  • Digital format allows for image processing and the application of enhancements
  • Captures image directly onto a flat panel detector
  • Eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals for image processing
  • Less ionizing radiation needed to produce the same image contrast as film

Since digital images skip the developing processes and can be easily edited or transferred, we can get your results to you in a minimal amount of time. By always looking for more efficient and cost effective solutions for medical imaging, Precision Imaging Centers can save you up to 90% over traditional hospital charges for the same procedures. Use our website’s “Make An Appointment Today” feature at the top of this web page to contact us or you can call (904) 996-8100 to have your questions answered.