Positron Emission Tomography, or PET scan, is a nuclear imaging technique used to measure the metabolic activity in tissue cells. The digital data acquired from a PET scan will indicate whether the cell in question has a normal, excessive or decreased metabolism. The results from PET scans only identify anomalies in the area of the body that was scanned. While the information obtained from a PET scan alone is useful in diagnosis, the results fail to produce anatomical images. Today, most state-of-the-art imaging centers have combined the PET scan with a CAT scan to construct vivid 2-D and 3-D images with precise visualization. We provide our radiologists with the most accurate PET/CT images available anywhere. We use a 64 Slice PET/CT scanner that allows PET and CT images to be captured at different slice thicknesses for more accurate diagnosis and greater attenuation correction.

PET/CT scans are responsible for major advances in many fields of medical diagnosis. The combined results from each method have added quality anatomic visualization to functional medical imaging. Our PET and CT scan protocols will give your doctor quality images while reducing your scan time and cost of imaging. Listed below are PET/CT studies provided by Precision Imaging Centers:

  • Cardiac PET/CT Studies – A PET/CT scan provides a superior assessment of your myocardial viability and myocardial stress. Precision Imaging Centers can also perform a “definitive cardiac study” including a cardiac CT angiography followed by an N-13 Ammonia PET/CT perfusion study and a FDG PET/CT for cardiac viability. All three tests performed within two hours time.
  • Neurology PET/CT Studies – Recent evidence recommends using a FDG PET/CT scan for differentiating various forms of dementia. The same PET/CT scan is also highly sensitive for the diagnosis of many seizure disorders. Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders are often diagnosed and monitored using PET/CT imaging studies.
  • Infection & Inflammatory Disorders – We provide PET/CT studies for the detection and management of several infections and inflammatory disorders. Combined scans can capture important medical imaging for orthopedic inflammations, joint diseases, degenerative diseases, AIDS, vascular infections and inflammatory bowel disease including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • Oncology PET/CT Studies – Imaging using PET/CT scans is the standard for cancer diagnosis, staging, restaging and therapy response monitoring. PET/CT is most useful at staging disease for diagnosis and in the evaluation for recurrent cancers such as malignant melanoma. PET/CT is also highly sensitive for Hodgkin’s disease and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It is the standard imaging modality for early or late diagnosis.

Precision Imaging Centers is Jacksonville’s most advanced comprehensive diagnostic imaging center. We provide complete anatomic imaging and “hot spot” identification using the best combination of PET/CT scans. We also provide the most powerful clinical MRI available in Florida. Our 3 Telsa magnetic resonance imaging digitally captures and reproduces high resolution images for soft tissue and internal organs. To have your questions answered, call Precision Imaging Centers of Jacksonville at 904-996-8100 for your PET scan, PET/CT scan or CAT scan.