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3d Mammogram

The unfortunate statistic remains that 8 out of 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history, making effective screening and early detection critical. Annual mammograms continue to be the best tool for detecting breast cancer in women who are low risk and have no symptoms.

8 out of 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history

Mammography uses low dose x-ray to image breasts for early signs of breast cancer

3D Mammography, or tomosynthesis, uses the same low dose x-rays to take images of the breast but it takes more images from different angles, creating a 3D image of the entire breast. This results in higher detection rates and fewer recalls than regular mammography.
Screening Mammogram Machine


Digital screening mammography can detect early breast cancer up to two years before it can be felt. The goal of mammography is early detection of breast cancer when cancers are small and most treatable. Research shows that annual mammograms lead to a lower risk of death in women ages 50 – 69. At Precision Imaging Centers, a referral is not needed by your physician for a screening mammogram.

Diagnostic Mammogram Review


Diagnostic mammography is used either as a next step to a screening mammogram when an abnormality is identified, or to evaluate a patient with signs or symptoms such as lumps, nipple discharge, pain, dimpling or puckering in the skin.

Dense Breast Tissue is Normal

Having dense breast tissue is normal – it just means that your breasts have more fibroglandular tissue than fat. About half of all women over 40 have dense breast tissue. Having dense breast tissue may increase the risk of breast cancer compared to women with low breast density. Breast abnormalities can be harder to see in dense breast tissue. 3-D Mammography allows our radiologists to see the differences between breast cancer and normal connective tissue.

Getting Your Mammogram at Precision Imaging

  • We offer 3D mammography for screening mammograms and diagnostic mammograms.
  • We accept walk-ins and offer same day result for screening mammograms.
  • If your diagnostic mammogram reveals any findings, our Director of Breast Imaging, Dr. Kathryn Pearson, will review the results with you in person and discuss a follow-up plan.
  • Our experienced staff is specifically trained to minimize discomfort while taking high quality images.
Getting Mammogram With Doc

The Gold Standard

Precision is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR)
Precision has met the ACR's highest standards for quality and safety in medical imaging. This means you get peace of mind when you choose Precision for all of your imaging needs.

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