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What’s a PET Scan?

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a nuclear imaging technique that measures the metabolic activity in cells.

It is used primarily in patients who may have oncologic issues (cancer), cardiac issues, or neurological disorders.

PET shows the location of anomalies rather than an anatomical image. It is frequently used with CT for improved accuracy due to error correction and a more precise diagnosis.

Pet Scan

Precision's Scanners Lead the Way in Our Region

Precision has two 64-slice PET/CT combination scanners leading the way in our region.

Precision deployed SubtlePET™ software to enhance the image quality on their PET exams. The clinical team was able to reduce the patient’s dose by approximately 15% and shorten the total scan time by nearly 40% without sacrificing image quality.

This results in a far better patient experience and improves overall quality by decreasing inherent patient motion.

Pet Scanner

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